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This site was started as a meager effort to document and examine some of the ongoing cultural and architectural changes along Atlanta's Buford Highway corridor. My interest in the area is both intellectual and personal. Having grown up in the neighboring "golden ghetto" of Dunwoody and spending my adulthood in the downtown Atlanta area, I've been fascinated with how the Buford Highway area has transformed from a lifeless utilitarian customer-service strip to a unique ethnic retake on New South suburbia.

I've also been interested in the way in which post-Olympic downtown gentrification has been matched by a sort of 'multi-culturing' of the suburbs.

This site is not meant in any way to wholly represent the many aspects of Buford Highway culture, nor does it intend to glamorize, romanticize, or speak for the Atlanta's varied and multi-faceted immigrant and ethnic communities.

However, while my perspective on Buford Highway begins from the outside, it is accompanied by a genuine desire to broaden this site to include multiple perspectives from inside the community as well as from writers, academics, and artists interested in this unique Atlanta area. While the initial format here is the photo-essay, an expanded version of this site could cohesively serve as both a forum for discourse both about and within the Buford Highway community. Community issues discussion and postings of upcoming events and meetings, from political to entertainment, are welcomed in any language via the posting board. Relevant analytic essays, ideas, and suggestions are welcomed via e-mail. Please, don't hesitate to contribute even the smallest insight or event!


NEWSFLASH- This projects launch was put on hold for an additional 6 months as I was in Tokyo. Thus, some information (business openings and closings for example) may be outdated. So, as I endevour to update information, please feel free to e-mail any corrections.